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Guest Blog Post Submissions

We love everything about Austin. If you are a local restaurant or bar you are more than welcome to guest post. We prefer locally owned independent business, but not limited to. It doesn't have to be in the Austin Metro, but it does have to be in the Austin area. We want you to promote your place of business as much as you do. We live in the same economy as you and want it to continue to thrive. We don't rate or judge. We just promote Austin. We feel customers should judge you by visiting, not by what review sites say about you.

Don't submit a cut & paste paragraph that is already posted elsewhere. It must be original. Google frowns on duplicate content. Original content serves you much better.

  • Submit a photo, I can resize it to fit if needed.
  • A paragraph or two or three
  • The links you want displayed
  • Facebook and Twitter links (if you have them)
  • Feel free to add links in your text to your menu, sub pages etc...
  • How you are affiliated with your submission. (kept private if you prefer)
  • Send .txt file (or other) and photo to northaustin @ yahooDOTcom
  • We will not save and use your email address for any purpose whatsoever

    Use any blog post as an example. We don't have any "chiseled in granite" rules. The bottom line is to get the word out even more.

    Give us time to post it. We will only average around 4 or 5 post a month. The reason why is we don't want to set a pace we cannot keep up with down the road.

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